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Dear Yuletide Writer!
This Yuletide I'd like to get:

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant - Stephen R. Donaldson

This is something of a guilty pleasure for me. I don't like the protagonist, but I'd love to hear more about the Land and its inhabitants. Especially Lord Mhoram. In the Illearth War, he totally has an unrequited crush on Covenant (It's there! If you squint! Hard! XD ) and although I definitely do not want anything else than unrequited (oh well, if the pairing rocks your shippings, go on and write some) I'd like to see some of his softer side, considering how he turns into something fierce by the end of the book.

Otherwise I'd like to hear more of my favourite character in the whole series, Saltheart Foamfollower. I love Giants and their eternal search for their homeland, and their end on the Land made me cry. So, Giants, on a happier time or place, a song, a story, something about Coercri or Seareach... anything.

I also put Hile Troy in, so if you prefer to tell me something of him, preferably of his origins or his job before he came to the Land, or possibly how he was erased from the records back there all secret-agent-like, please do!

Gianna Nannini: Bello e impossibile, music video

Dieselpunk, Mad Max style! I don't know how they decided to make this kind of video for a love song, but I don't mind. Run wild with this. The song doesn't need to feature, but tell me the story of all the strange people in this weird world. Cookie points for the 80's style and aesthetics. (Sorry! I was an impressionable kid back then.)

The Odyssey - Homer

I requested Penelope, Nausicaa, Circe and Calypso. What would happen if all these ladies got together and did something that didn't involve any of the male characters of the poem? Whether it was a crossover into a modern/less old/altogether different world or (totally a metric ton of cookie points) in their own time and world, just pass the Bechdel test and make them epic on their own.

Oh, and feel free to include Jenny Everywhere anywhere. I love the idea of an open-source character. ;)

In other words, anything you're comfortable with. I'm pretty happy with anything, from gen to slash, just not overtly violent relationships or abuse of any kind. I generally prefer fluffy to angsty, but then I requested for Mhoram-angst, so I guess I'll handle anything else, too. X) So. Go forth, have fun. I'm really very easy. *offers cookies* And you'll find my former Yuletide letters here, too, if you want to take a peek on what I've requested before.

Dear Yuletide author!
First of all, let me thank you for offering any of my fandoms! I'm really very easy to please, so don't worry.

Munchkin CthulhuCollapse )

SeawardCollapse )

Farseer trilogyCollapse )

Jurassic ParkCollapse )

And some general lines: I'm flexible as to what I want to read. Usually I prefer fluffy to angsty and I like well-defined plots, but whatever is easy to you. I'm comfortable with any rating and neither mind nor demand explicit sex scenes. My squicks include explicit violence, especially towards the defenceless, non-con sex, and bullying, and although I've been known to read and like stories including these, I'd prefer not having them for my Yuletide. Run wild with the characters, have fun with the story, add a splash of (bad) humour, and you have me. Even more cookie points for passing the Bechdel Test and/or the Mako Mori test (The Mako Mori test is passed if the movie/fic has: a) at least one female character; b) who gets her own narrative arc; c) that is not about supporting a man’s story. http://chaila.tumblr.com/post/58379322134/spider-xan-also-i-was-thinking-more-about-why) But don't worry if you can't, because of the characters I've chosen. This is supposed to be fun for everyone, right? Go have some, and have my thanks. ;)

Hello, dear Yuletide author!
Here's my wishlist for this wonderful Yuletide!

Topics under here!Collapse )

In other words, dear Yuletide writer, I'll take whatever you can write and I'll wuv it and read it again and again and again and... you get the drift. Just be true to the characters, build some world... and have fun. I love me a good world-building.

Darling Yuletide writer!
Something completely different
Here's my list of wishes!

SeawardCollapse )

DiscworldCollapse )

Elenium/Tamuli seriesCollapse )

And then something in general. I like my fics as follows:
-Faithful to the characters and the feel of the world.
-With a liberal dose of humour, if you can manage it; if not, it's okay.
-Rather more fluffy than angsty, except if requested otherwise. Wistful is nice, sad is good, but plain angst without relief isn't exactly what I want to read for Yuletide.
-Romance is optional, I'm not averse to sex, but I'm not actually requesting any (well, maybe one). My squicks are: non-consensual sex, explicit violence in any form including mental, anything involving bodily secretions (I know people are supposed to go to bathroom even in fiction, but do I have to read about it?), and blood. Thus none of these in sexual or romantic connections, please.
-With a good story. Tell me a story and tell it well, and I'll return to it many times. A snippet of life is nice, too, if your plot bunnies escape. And if all you manage to whip up is PWP, you won't hear me complaining... XD

Most of all, dear Yuletide writer, I hope you have a good time writing. If you had fun writing, even if it isn't exactly what I requested, I'll be happy. I really am somewhat flexible on what I want to read, and as long as you take my little squicks into regard, I'll love it.

<3, Pikku Gen

Kirjoituskyvyttömyys: R.I.P
What do you want done with your body after you die?

Ohh, the choices. I might give my body to scientific use, or artistic use, or both (http://www.bodiestheexhibition.com/about-the-exhibition.html) or then I might want to play a bit with possible future archeologists. I might want to have my body buried in full Viking garb and paraphernalia into a site where it might theoretically be preserved for several centuries.

All this notwithstanding, cremation is always an option. Unfortunately the laws state all the ashes should be deposited in the same place (or scattered), otherwise I might want a pinch of me taken to all the places where I never went even though I wanted. Otherwise under a rowan tree would be just fine.

Kirjoituskyvyttömyys: Between a rock and a hard place
comma sutra
What's worse: a pit of snakes or a pit of spiders?

Well. Depends on several things. First, poisonous or not? If both were poisonous, I think I'd still choose snakes - snake venom seems to be quicker. If one species was poisonous and the other wasn't, I'd choose the non-poisonous one. Even if it was spiders. I might live with the horror. (Or might not.)

If both species were not venomous, then snakes without question. Constrictors might be a little iffy, depending whether they've been fed, their size, the temperature of the pit etc. But I'd still take my chances with the snakes, thankyouverymuch.

Oh, and one question would be, whether I'd be tossed in or could I just kind of wade in? Snakes bite easily if they're disturbed by a Gen-sized object dropping on them. Then again I might crush quite a lot of spiders dropping on them... scratch that, I hate the thought of having crushed spider all over me. XP But compared to living crawling spiders... Okay, they would have to toss me into a spider pit, I would prefer to walk into a snake pit. There. Happy now? =)

Kirjoituskyvyttömyys: Minä tarjoan juomasi
beatles joke
If you were going to make a signature drink that was named after you, what would you put in it?

Something green and icky sweet - with a twist. Guava juice, lime and some green booze? I'm not good at fashioning new drinks, but I know people who are.

BTW, what would you put into a Pikku Gen drink? ;D (Looking at you, skinship...)


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Arvoisa toimiston setäherrasetä.
Ymmärrän, että laadunvalvonta on tärkeää ja sitä tulee harrastaa aina silloin tällöin. Mutta, Lapsi Rakas: Kysy siivoojalta, joko hän on pyyhkinyt pölyt tietyltä alueelta ennen kuin teet laaduntarkkailupyyhkäisyn pöydälle! Totta helvetissä siinä on pölyä, jollei sitä ole vielä pyyhitty.

Raivostuneesti Teidän,
siivoojanne Pikku Gen
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[hävytön kerjäys] Huomasin, että maksettu tilini ja ylimääräiset käyttäjäkuvat ovat lähestymässä taas loppuaan. Haluaisiko joku visallinen uudistaa tilauksen lahjanomaisesti ja ilmoittaa summan ja tilinumeronsa, että voin maksaa kulut? Electron kun ei edelleenkään kelpaa ja mikään taho ei halunnut myöntää mulle varsinaista Visaa, edes opiskelijasellaista. [/hävytön kerjäys] Kiitoooos!
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